15 new HBO ‘Game of Thrones’ photos? Hold the door!

Game of Thrones” fans can be excused if their calendars look a bit messed up this year. Winter is coming, but in summer instead — the HBO fantasy hit returns July 16.

Fans may not know if they’ll need swimsuits or snowsuits, but for now, they can check out 15 new photos from the show released on Thursday.

There’s Cersei and Jaime Lannister, the twincest twins, looking as if finally landing the throne at the cost of all their children might not be a great trade.

There’s Daenerys, perhaps contemplating the cost of Dragon Chow these days.

There’s Tyrion, probably mentally practicing some awesomely funny yet poignant speech in his head.

There’s Sansa, who’s really come into her own as a Stark heir ever since she let the dogs out on her tormentor, Ramsay Bolton.

And there’s Jon Snow, for whom winter is always coming.

Fans can check out more official shots — including Arya, Lyanna Mormont, Gilly and Sam and more see below:

source: CNET