4.4 million liters of beer were consumed in May in Cyprus 


An increase of 19.6% 

The consumption of beer in Cyprus has increased by 19.6% in May, comparing this year’s figures to those of 2016, according to the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

To be exact, domestic beer consumption rose to 4,427,384 liters  in May 2017, compared to 3,701,307 liters in May 2016, showing a significant increase of 19.6%.

On the contrary, beer exports have declined in May 2017 to 41,375 liters, compared to 152,040 liters in May 2016, recording a decline of 72,8%.

Overall, during the first five months of 2017, the total beer consumption – which includes both domestic consumption and exports – has amounted to 13,02 million liters, compared to 12,32 million liters consumed up until May 2016. 

Source: CNA