Brave women rings final bell on Breast cancer (pics & vid)

A young women from Cyprus rang the final bell and declared herself the winner against breast cancer after a long battle with the disease.

Rania Georgiou a primary school teacher from Limassol emerged victorious in the biggest and toughest battle of her life and expressed her euphoria on her being cancer free via social media.

Georgiou was diagnosed in Cyprus with the disease and had to travel to Manchester in the UK for treatment and the breast cancer survivor expressed her gratitude to all the medical staff at Manchester’s Christie Hospital who helped get through this important battle.

In her post on Facebook Rania Georgiou other than thank all the doctors, the people who were next to her during this difficult time but urged the public to take precautions and go for tests which can literally save your life.

She added that most people who are diagnosed with this disease is not run within the family tree. Cancer could be prevented if people have regular medical tests.

Thankfully the tale has a happy ending and Rania has officially rang the bell which signalled the end of her battle with Cancer.