The lion sleeps with us tonight! (video)

This couple has caused shocked waves online with their 550-lb pet lion called Simba.

The hulking male cat was rescued from a life in the circus by a loving couple called Mada and Eloy. He is 1 year and 7 months old.

The pair, from Sant Jaume de Llierca near Olot in Catalonia, Spain, turned their garden into an enclosure for the huge animal.

And terrifyingly, they revealed that the lion even sleeps with them.

Simba reportedly eats as part of the family and can often be found lounging inside the home.

It costs the couple around 497 EUR (450 GBP) every month to feed and take care of him.

But they maintain that they could not miss the opportunity to welcome the exotic animal into their home.

Their son said: ‘All my friends have a dog or other animals, and then you say, ‘Well, I have a lion’.’

The lion has shocked netizens, though, who have questioned whether it is right to keep it as a pet.

One wrote: ‘Not the right place for a lion, the lion should be in his habitat.

‘They have it as the king of the house, and very spoiled, but one day the lion will act on his natural instincts.

‘It is a question of time that he has a bad day and we have another news story.’

Another added: ‘It’s not his habitat, but better than a circus. If they feed it well, they have it well guarded without there being any risk of escape and they have a good soil then it will live better than in a cage.’

source: Daily Mail