Heavy rain surprises everyone in Nicosia! (VIDEO)

And out of nowhere rain falls in Cyprus in mid July!

The weather in Cyprus at the present moment is boiling hot, however heavy showers made their way to the capital on Friday afternoon providing everyone with a small breath of coolness.

According to reports the Cyprus Metro Office predicted rainfall during these days to interrupt the heatwave and yesterday’s burst of showers proved the point.

The weather for the weekend will be bright with alot of sunny spells all over the island, in some areas there could be the possibility of the odd shower.

Temperatures expected to go up to 38 degrees inland, 31 in western coasts, 33 in coastal areas and 28 degrees in the mountain areas.

Heading into the next few days the weather will be hot and humid, temperatures will rise even further so caution is needed.

Here is the video of the unexpected rainfall in Nicosia:



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