17things we should learn in our 20’s!

Your 20s can be a confusing time. To help you navigate this tricky decade, Business Insider reviewed several Quora threads on helpful skills and ways to spend time in your 20s and highlighted the most useful insights.
Here are the life skills every 20-something should master.
1. How to just be honest
2. How to receive criticism
3. How to start an interesting conversation
4. How to ask for something you want
5. How to keep your promises
6. How to communicate effectively
7. How to be resilient
8. How to demonstrate good table manners
9. How to live within your means
10. How to deal with rejection
11. How to learn without a textbook
12. How to accept the possibility of change
13. How to make a decision
14. How to sell yourself
15. How to negotiate
16. How to listen without speaking
17. How to be patient
Source: Independent

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