PS of Cyprus Foreign Ministry attends Paris peace Summit!

Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Ministry Ambassador Alexandros Zenon represented the Republic of Cyprus at the international Ministerial Summit for Peace in the Middle East, which took place in Paris on Sunday, in the framework of France`s initiative for the Middle East peace process.

In his intervention at the Summit, Zenon stressed that the problem can only be solved on the basis of two states and that the international community must encourage both sides to bridge their differences.

The Republic Cyprus, he said, shares friendly relations with both Israel and Palestine and due to its geographic position and political relations with the Middle East, understands the complexity of the region.

He also pointed out that the concerns raised by the two sides must be taken into consideration during the drafting of the measures that aim at reviving the peace process.

Zenon said that the final settlement must satisfy in a just and balanced manner, the concerns of both sides.

The Summit adopted a statement in which it states that the only way to permanently achieve peace is an agreed solution based on two states, Israel and Palestine, which will live side by side on conditions of peace and security.

It reiterates that the agreed solution on the basis of two states must meet the expectations of the two peoples, including the concerns of Israel regarding security and of Palestine for right to a state entity and sovereignty, ending of the occupation which began in 1967 and solution of all problems on the basis of the Decisions of the UNSC 242 (1967) and 338 (1973).

Furthermore, it welcomes the UNSC resolution 2334 of the 23rd of December 2016 and stresses the importance of the compliance of Israelis and Palestinians with human rights and international law.

source: CNA