Hero On Motorcycle Stops To Rescue Kittens Abandoned On Remote Road!

However, as you can see in this shocking video from a biker’s helmet cam, these drivers need to be even more cautious than anyone else on the road.

In the following video, we see how important it was for one brave motorcyclist to pay close attention to his surroundings. While YouTube user Warosumen of Japan was riding his bike along one of his favorite back roads, enjoying the scenery, he came across a cardboard box that looked completely out of place.

Thankfully, he let his curiosity get the best of him and got off his bike to check it out, discovering that someone had left a tiny kitten inside the box to die. Upon further inspection, the hero soon learned that the baby was not alone, discovering an entire litter of six newborns.

The motorcyclist knew he had to help the kittens, so he stuffed them into his satchel and took them home. Sadly, one baby was too sick after the terrible ordeal and did not survive, but what happened to the remaining five kittens was a true miracle!

We’re so grateful this hero decided to stop and help these hopeless little ones!

source: lifedaily