Photographer Waited Three Years To Capture Baby Seal On The Ice!

It’s a bold statement to make but I’m feeling brave… BBC One’s Planet Earth II is the best thing on TV. The incredible footage captures the natural world at its finest. It shows the animal kingdom as it has never been seen before.

Quite frankly, it’s epic and to top it all off, it’s narrated by 90-year-old balls-of-steel Sir David Attenborough. It may well show marine iguanas hatching, dragons arguing and snow leopards pissing up walls, but does it show a baby seal waving at the camera? The answer is ‘not yet’.

 An exploring photographer has indeed captured that very moment, and no matter how big and butch you think you are, you cannot deny that this little guy’s huge eyes and white fur isn’t cute.

Photographer Alexy Trofimov snapped the pictures of an infant seal while on an expedition to Lake Baikal in Russia.

The seal was caught checking out the ice on his own. His parents were probably at work when the badass snuck out and ventured outside his neighbourhood and onto unfamiliar territory. Of course the adult seals told him not to talk to strangers, but this mammal makes up his own rules on the ice and was more than happy to make friends during his big adventure.

Considering it took three years to finally get his first picture of the the tiny seal finding its feed on the ice, Alexy counts himself lucky to experience the moment and that his camera had enough charge left in it to document.

Watch the video here:

source: LadBible