Photographer Asked Two Strangers To Pose Intimately, What Happened Next Is Truly Amazing

Do you ever consider the strangers around you? The potential closeness you could experience or the stories behind the faces you don’t know?

While many photographs depict images of loving couples and close friends and family, photographer Richard Renaldi decided to take to the streets of New York to offer a different approach to creating loving, intimate portraits. His aim was to capture the way we underestimate the possibility of human bonding and relationships with those we don’t know through a project called ‘Touching Strangers’.

Renaldi asked random people to pose with others they didn’t know as though they knew each other, and the results were both surprising and heartfelt, showing the possibility of how much we could be missing from the people we walk past every day.

Watch this short video to find out what happened!

source: Lifehack