Man arrested after being hunted for 8 years for attempting murder outside of a club in Limassol

A 47 year old Tunisian who was wanted by the police for attempting murder in 2009 was arrested by local authorities on Thursday night after being stopped for a routine identity check.

The 47 year old was stopped by police for a identity check last night in Limassol and police discovered the man in front of them was wanted for attempting murder back in 2009 for stabbing a compatriot in the neck with a knife outside of a night club.

Reports suggested that the man who was stabbed was inside the club with the 47 year’s old wife and that led to the 47 year old entering the club and attacking his nemesis and the fight continued outside which led to the incident.

The 47 year old is currently in custody and will be expected to present himself at the Limassol District Court.