Magical Scenes! Snow falls for the first time in Cyprus! (pics & video)

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow! 

Magical scenes come from the Troodos mountains where it seems like the first signs of snowfall have appeared this year.

We are truly into the Christmas season and scenes like this make the holiday that much more beautiful and magical, as we all know snowfall in Cyprus is a rarity but when it happens the scenes look absolutely breathtaking.

According to reports from the Cyprus Met Office it was expected that temperatures would significantly drop and it was confirmed on Wednesday where a cold breeze is felt in the atmosphere, rain accompanied by thunderstorms and in areas where there is bright sunny spells the cold will definitely be felt.

The weather on Wednesday will cloudy will rain making its appearance however during the course of the afternoon the rain will intensify and will be accompanied by thunder and strong winds. Snow will continue to drop on the mountains!

Temperatures will reach 14 degrees inland, 16 degrees in coasterly areas and 2 degrees in the mountains.

Heading into tonight the weather will remain cold however in most areas the scenery will be fine with clear skies but temperatures will drop to 8 degrees inland, 11 degrees in the west, 9 degrees in other coastal areas and -2 degrees up in the mountains.

For the next few days the weather will remain relatively the same with temperatures to slightly rise.