Lessons from the past and material handed over by AHI, valuable for Cyprus solution, says House President

House President Dimitris Syllouris expressed his hope that lessons learned from the past, as well as the material handed over by American Hellenic Institute (AHI) associate along with publication of the “Cyprus File“ will contribute to avoiding the repetition of mistakes for the benefit of a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem. Syllouris delivered a speech during an event held on Tuesday at the House of Representatives where AHI Foundation Graduate fellow Gregory Graves presented his research titled “The Cyprus Crisis: A Declassified Dossier”.

As Syllouris said, the research included a plethora of papers, US and other State records, in the context of US relations with Cyprus, Greece and Turkey in the period between 1973-76, and especially material from the July-August 1974 period, which were declassified. He said that Cyprus could make use of the material and the public could granted access as well.

House President said that 44 years after the Turkish invasion of the island, Cyprus is still under occupation and only recently is experiencing the Turkish provocations in its Exclusive Economic Zone. He pointed out that negotiations for a Cyprus solution have reached a stalemate and it is extremely important to understand the parameters of the international diplomacy and history and the imperative of unraveling the tragic events of that era.

Syllouris also said that it is significant for the international community to exert pressure on Turkey for a solution on the basis of UNSC Resolutions, the international law and the EU acquis .

He also expressed gratitude for the role of AHI in the efforts for a Cyprus solution and for strengthening the voice of the Diaspora.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. Numerous rounds of UN-backed negotiations aiming at reuniting the island under a federal roof, failed to yield results.

The Saipem 12000, a drilling ship operated by Italian multinational ENI, was halted on 9 February by Turkish warships en route to a location within block 3 of Cyprus` EEZ.

source: CNA