Arsenal fan wouldn’t sell Arsene Wenger’s tie for £1,000

An Arsenal fan is adamant that he will turn down all offers to buy the tie that Arsene Wenger handed to his son after the Frenchman’s final home match in charge of the Gunners.

While performing his lap of honour, Wenger noticed seven-year-old Luca Iacurti holding up a sign that read “Can I have your tie?” and duly handed it over to the youngster.

Luca’s father, Rocco, has since revealed that the family have been inundated with offers for the tie since Sunday, including a bid of £1,000 — all of which have been rejected.

“Somebody said in jest to me: ‘I’ll give you a grand for it.’ But we aren’t doing that,” Rocco, 39, told The Sun.

“We are not in it for the money. It’s a wonderful piece of history, an once-in-a-lifetime gift, and we are keeping it.

“I am going to get the tie framed up for Luca and hang it up on his bedroom wall.”

Rocco also revealed that Luca had desperately wanted to wear Wenger’s souvenir tie to school the following week, but had to be talked out of it by his dad.


source: ESPN