Cyprus amongst the countries brits tend to get in trouble during holidays! (pic)

Travelling around the world is a great way to experience other cultures and post pictures on Instagram that are guaranteed to get a solid 35 likes.

OK, let’s not get too cynical, but for all the good of travelling around the planet, there are some pitfalls and difficulties.

Us Brits are especially prone to getting in trouble away from the UK. After all, there is a show on our televisions called Banged Up Abroad.

While taking a look at stats from between 2015 and 2016, the statistics company Statista Charts looked at the nations where Brits are most likely to lose their passport, get arrested and – even worse – die.

Maybe because it’s one of the most popular holiday locations for us Brits, but Spain manages to come out on top in all three charts, which can be seen below.




Aside from Spain, the charts are mostly dominated by European countries like France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland and Cyprus.

The US, UAE (home of Abu Dhabi), Australia, Turkey and India also feature.

The most interesting inclusion is probably Thailand, which features highly on both the ‘death’ and ‘arrested’ charts. This may be down to the Asian nation’s rise in popularity among revellers.

source: Independent