Daily Mail: “Cyprus amongst the ultimate hidden treasure destinations for 2018!”

Larnaca and Paphos amongst the top 50 European destinations for Brits in 2018!

British media outlet Daily Mail mentions the best holidays for Brits this summer in Europe in a recent article.

A popular travel site Kayak.co.uk analysed searches made by Brits for holidays beyond the continent in July and August and discovered that demand for trips to Cyprus and specifically Larnaca and Paphos are brits popular demand.

When it comes to Europe, the two biggest trends for this summer are the resurgence of Turkey and the increasing popularity of Eastern Europe according to the Daily Mail’s article.

According to the table below Larnaca is placed in number 5 and Paphos is situated in number 16 respectively for the 50 top European Destinations for Brits in 2018.

For sure Cyprus is amongst the Brits favorite destinations and it has been proved by Kayak.co.uk.

Source: Daily Mail