Daily Mail makes special tribute to Nicosia’s ghost airport! (pics & video)

The airport where flights are delayed FOREVER: Planes stand frozen in time on runway of Cypriot airport abandoned 44 years after Turkish invasion.

British media outlet Daily Mail makes a special tribute to Nicosia’s “ghost” Airport and goes back in time to when the airport used to welcome thousands of holidaymakers to the island.

Nicosia International Airport, once the main airfield for Cyprus, has taken on a ‘ghostly’ appearance after being been shut to passengers for 44 years.

Piles of bird droppings have taken the place of excited passengers. Chairs that toppled onto the terminal floor decades ago have not – and never will be – turned upright.

Located near the Cypriot capital of Nicosia, this airport has not had a commercial flight since 1977 – three years after a coup d’etat by Greek nationalists and an invasion by Turkish forces.


source: Daily Mail