This brand new organic pizza in Cyprus is something you should definitely try! (pics)

They bet that they could make delicious pizza, with a variety of flavours, which would also be healthy, and they seem to have made it. The new pizza place in the heart of Limassol’s historical center, has created a menu suitable for those who cannot stay away from pizza, but they want to have a healthy diet, too.

With the “secret” recipe, straight from the traditional Italian cuisine, this pizza is great for enjoying unique taste, without fat or meat of any kind. The menu allows you to make your own pizza, the way you have imagined it, choosing from a wide range of toppings (from olives in various colors and sun-dried tomatoes, to roasted peppers or aubergines and sweet potato).

Since 1999, Agvania Pizza is trying to come up with delicious Italian flavors, suitable for low fat, gluten free and vegetarian diet. With its first shop in Cyprus opening in the heart of Limassol’s historical city center, in one of the most typical, classic buildings of this area, a walk in the city is even more tempting in the summer of 2018.


source: All About Limassol