One of Britains most wanted sex offenders is hiding in Cyprus! Have you seen him? (pic)

Eight suspects wanted, one of them believe to be in Cyprus!

Rapists wanted for attacks on girls as young as seven are among the country’s most wanted sex offenders.

The eight attackers include a paedophile thought to be on the run in as police revealed the identity of the high-profile fugitives.

According to an article from the Daily Mail one of the suspects is in Cyprus and Police are urging authorities and citizens to report this man in order to be arrested.

The suspects, listed in full below, were exposed as part of an investigation by Metro.

Costas Sampson – convicted rapist  

Sampson raped a young women in London in 2010 and was found guilty of the attack in 2012.

He met his victim in a nightclub and she told him she felt unwell. Sampson claimed he was a medical expert and offered to take her home.

Sampson - pictured - was convicted of rape after meeting his victim in a nightclub and stealing from her 

He then raped her, stole her mobile and also made off with her flatmate’s laptop and games console. Sampson is described as being aged between 20 and 25 and Mediterranean.

Police believe he is in Cyprus. Any sightings of Sampson should be reported by calling 8000 55 11.

source: Daily Mail