Romantic raver proposes to his girlfriend and sends crowd into frenzy in Limassol (video)

It was a special moment in an unusual place! 

A marriage proposal is always a very special and sentimental moment however when its done in one of Limassol’s most well known clubs in front of a packed out crowd the occasion becomes extra special.

Thats what happened on Tuesday when a young man from Limassol decided to propose to his future wife at his favorite place in the world… Guaba Beach Bar.

The proposal took place during the clubs weekly Locorico event and no one saw it coming when the young fan of the club kneeled to ask his wife to marry him.

The young lad had been a long time fan of the club Guaba and decided that the time and place was right to propose to his girlfriend in front of a packed crowd who burst into ecstatic applause when his lady replied to his proposal with a “YES”.

It was a fantastic occasion and it was caught on video and its floating around on social media: