Turkish FM: “Not even a bird can fly over the Aegean without our permission”

The Foreign Affairs minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu announced that Turkey starts oil exploration off Cyprus.

In an interview with radio station Kral Fm he said that in the Aegean “not even a bird can fly without Turkey’s permission”.

The Turkish FM was also asked about the theory of ceding the 18 islands to Greece: “During our governance but also already after the Kardak islet crisis nothing has changed in the effective and applicable legal frame of those islets. We do not allow this. Even regarding (oil) exploration, not even a bird can fly without Turkey’s permission. Not a single rock chunk has been given away.”

Çavuşoğlu stressed that no stepping back will be accepted in the cases of the Aegean and Cyprus underlining that “Turkey starts (its own) exploration near Cyprus right now. Now Turkey has its own drillship. The country has potential . In the past months, Turkey prevented drillings like the one by the Italians. We will allow neither the rights of Turkish-Cypriots go down the drain nor those of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The latter concerns the financial interests stemming from natural gas, oil and the (overall) natural wealth off the coasts of Cyprus.”…. / IBNA