CyprusInno connects startups and entrepreneurs online

CyprusInno’s Bi-Communal Startup Mentorship programme connects the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with aspiring entrepreneurs island-wide to ensure their future growth and success.  The programme will bring together Greek and Turkish Cypriot mentors with Greek and Turkish Cypriot entrepreneurs/startups. The duration of the programme will be 3 months, beginning May 1, 2017 and ending July 31, 2017.  The deadline to apply is April 21, 2017.

At the crossroads of three continents, Cyprus, a Mediterranean island-nation, is on the brink of an entrepreneurial renaissance.  With the prospect of peace looming, it is more important than ever to connect the island in ways that go beyond smoke-filled rooms.  We believe in economic freedom and entrepreneurial capital as tools for peace and prosperity. The future of Cyprus is in the hands of its entrepreneurs, and it is our goal to connect those entrepreneurs and innovators throughout neighborhoods and across borders to help them build a better future for the island. Therefore, it is our mission to connect and lift Cyprus through entrepreneurship and innovation, and to further engage peacefully both north and south communities. Innovation is often without shape and without form – yet, when we see it, we immediately recognize it. Entrepreneurs drive technological, social, and political innovation by challenging what exists and asking, “what’s next?”  It is this very essence that will lead Cyprus, an island divided for over 42 years, to join together towards a new future.

CyprusInno is the first bicommunal online platform connecting Cypriot entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators.  As it stands, CyprusInno is the largest database of startups of all kinds in Cyprus and the first and only project to map startups on either side of the island, both north and south.  We’ve also mapped incubators, accelerators, centers of excellence in entrepreneurship, technology, and research, as well as island-wide collaborations.  But furthermore, CyprusInno is an exclusive online platform offering Cypriot entrepreneurs and problem-solvers the chance to connect with like-minded innovators.  CyprusInno empowers entrepreneurs, giving them greater access to co-founders, employees, advisors, and potential investors.   We’ve gone even further to create a startup job board (part of an effort to battle high unemployment among youth).  We’ve even created an events calendar filled with startup and innovation events across the island.  Finally, we’re introducing “Challenges,” a forum that poses challenges faced by the entire island.  These challenges are posed by our team or by Cypriots from all communities.  Users may propose their solutions to challenges and vote or comment on solutions proposed by others.  Our hope is that like-minded individuals with similar solutions can work together to build a better future for Cyprus.  As we grow our community, we will begin launching specialized community features allowing users to further connect and collaborate online.

Aside from being an important driver of economic development, entrepreneurship is also an instrumental peace-building mechanism. Global peace through commerce can be achieved via accessible entrepreneurial capitalism, a key success factor for entrepreneurship that is lacking in many conflict regions. Our vision is to replicate the CyprusInno model, which uses entrepreneurship and innovation as peace-building mechanisms and paths to prosperity, in conflict regions across the eastern Mediterranean.

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source: CyprusInno