Government labour force increases significantly in September

In September 2018 the government labour force recorded a significant increase by 785 persons or 1.6% compared to the same month in 2017.

The Statistical Service of Cyprus reported on Thursday that the casual staff increased by 10.1% and reached 16.109 persons from 14.626 persons in September 2017. The permanent staff dropped by 698 persons or 1.9%, it said.

All the categories of government labour force saw an increase except the hourly paid workers. The largest increase was recorded in the security forces with a 5.6% in which the number of casual staff rose by 17.4% or 820 persons.

Cystat said that compared with August 2018, all the categories saw a decrease except the civil service that grew by 0.2% or 40 persons. The staff in education decreased by 0.5% or 60 persons, in the security forces by 0.4% or 47 persons, whereas the hourly paid workers dropped by 0.5% or 46 persons.

source: CNA