1 person dead, 3 injured in knife attack in Deryneia!

A foreign national was killed in Deryneia and three others were injured, one of them critically following a knife attack in the early hours of Wednesday.

According to police the incident occured around 2.15am, eight foreign nationals were viciously attacked in the apartment in Deryneia’s Eleftheria road where they were staying.

Five young men, also foreign nationals, broke down the door of the flat and on entering, attacked those present, allegedly using knives, iron bars, axes and wooden bats, injuring four of them.

At about 2.25am four of the attacked men made their way to Dherynia police station seeking help while the five attackers fled.

An ambulance which was called to the scene transferred the four injured men to Famagusta hospital.

Doctors on duty confirmed the death of one of them who had been stabbed in the heart.

One person is in a critical condition and two others were slightly injured with wounds from sharp instruments.

Assistant Chief of Operations Christos Mavris reported that the incident seems to have happened due to personal differences. While the young men were out together they had an argument which they didn’t manage to resolve, leading to the episode.

Replying to a question, Mavris replied “the attack appears to have been carried out with knives and wooden bats”, adding that so far police haven’t found the iron bars and axes which the victims claim were used in the attack.

Police are looking for five of the young men who are suspected to have murdered their compatriot. Two of them have been placed on the alert list while the police are trying to find out more about the others. Initial investigations indicate that some of them are students at a college in the Famagusta area while others are former students.

The scene was cordoned off and police are continuing their investigation.