Cyprus’ first military attaché in the US assumes duties officially 

The first military attaché of Cyprus to the US, LtC Georgios Ioannou assumed officially his duties on August 20, in an effort to strengthen bilateral relations, as well as to promote defence diplomacy between the Republic of Cyprus and the US.

As CNA learns, Ioannou moved earlier to the United States and was briefed about his duties. The accreditation of the military attaché was done in coordination with the Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Washington.

He acts as a liaison on defence cooperation matters, such as the planning of joint exercises between Cyprus and the US.

The Cyprus Embassy in Washington posted on twitter that “the first Military Attaché of Cyprus to the US, LtC Georgios Ioannou was accredited on August 20th, 2019.”

The decision to appoint the military attaché was adopted by the Cabinet on November 28, 2018.