Efi Erodotou denies all charges!

Efi Erodotou charged for a deadly car accident back in 2007 has pleaded ‘not guilty’ of all charges against her at the Limassol District on Tuesday.

The 29 year old had been wanted by Interpol since 2007 when she was responsible in Emilios Ioannou’s death, she was arrested in Greece along with her parents a few weeks ago and yesterday Erodotou and her parents returned to Cyprus to be trialed.

Erodotou is facing the following charges:
– Causing death due to an irrational action
– Non-compliance to traffic traffic lights

According to sources Erodotou’s defendants told the court the 29 year old had not been hiding from authorities and that was obvious because she paid debts to the state.

Her parents, Nitsa and Erodotos, are being tried separately and are facing the following charges:
– Manufacturing evidence
– Forgery
– Use of forged documents
– Perjury-Bribery
– Inciting Perjury
The prosecution has requested that Erodotou be remanded into custody, but her defence has objected.
Both hearings are ongoing.