Heavy rainfall and Hail hits Cyprus! Weather causes power-cuts and floods! (video)

Winter is not done yet! 

We are in mid-April and the weather is still cloudy with thundery showers and hail falling down.

Low pressure is affecting the island from Tuesday morning, in the videos you can see below which were posted online minor problems are caused from the sudden outburst of rain.

In Limassol roads are filled with water but nothing as serious just of yet, according to reports there have been powercuts all over the island due to the sudden problem to the Vasiliko powerplant which was as a result of the weather.

According to the Cyprus Metro Service

Tuesday will be mainly cloudy with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms as an unstable air mass affects the area. Thunderstorms may be accompanied by hail.

Temperatures will be 17 C inland and on the coasts and around 6 C in the mountains.

Tonight will be partly cloudy with the possibility of scattered showers, mainly on the west and north coasts and in the mountains. Temperatures will drop to 8 C inland, around 11 C on the coasts and 3 C in the mountains.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will start off fine but clouds that form in the afternoon may lead to isolated showers and thunderstorms, mainly inland and in the mountains.

Temperatures will edge up on Wednesday, remaining at the same levels on Thursday and Friday which are slightly below average for the time of the year.

Here are videos emerging online from the sudden rainfalls in Cyprus:


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