The Coreper text on EU measures against Turkey will be on a ‘silent approval procedure till Friday morning’ 

The text drafted by the Permanent Representatives of the 28 EU Member States (COREPER) regarding the measures against Turkey, due to the continuing and escalating illegal activities within the exclusive economic zone EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus, stands now in a silent approval  Council procedure, till Friday morning, diplomatic sources informed CNA.

According to diplomatic sources that informed CNA, the processing of the measures has been completed in substance and their choice, but there is a disagreement as to the final verbal formulation of the last relevant paragraph of the text.

Therefore, the text stands in the silent approval process, and if a Member State decides to break it, then the text will go tomorrow morning to the PSC (Political Security Committee – another Council format) for further processing. The decision on both this and the final approval lies with the Ministers and the Member States themselves. Moreover, the final text on measures will be announced by the Council of Foreign Ministers (FAC) on Monday. In particular, it will be debated in the first part of the agenda in the morning, according to a formal announcement by the Council.

As regards the substance of the measures, as envisaged by the texts proposed by the Commission and the EEAS, it is envisaged to cut enlargement funds of EUR 146 million from the pre-accession funds of Turkey (IPA-II already foreseen in its general position  on 2020 budget), the freezing of the investment activity of the European Investment Bank in Turkey, the freezing of the EU-Turkey aviation agreement and the cancellation of a series of high-level EU-Turkey dialogues on the economy, energy , transport and agriculture (the latter has already been canceled in practice). Finally, the 28 will provide that in case of non-compliance, or further escalation, the EU is also ready for targeted measures against persons and companies related to the drilling in the EEZ.