The heat is on… temperatures reach scorching 38 degrees

Summer is truly here. Temperatures expected to reach season high up to 38 degrees celcius, atmospheric dust to also make its way into the frame.

High pressure looms over the Cyprus airspace which means scorching hot temperatures and low winds which means its time for a swim at the beach.

The Cyprus Met Office indicates that today will be hot and humid winds will be as low as 3 beaufort temperatures go up to 38 degrees inland, 34 degrees in the south eastern coasts and 31 degrees in the rest of the island.

Tonight will be fine with clear skies and cooler breezes 3-4 beaufort temperatures will drop to 24 degrees in the capital and in the south east of the island, 21 degrees in the north west and 19 degrees in the mountain areas.

For the next few days

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the weather will continue to be sunny with plenty of bright spells all over the island, however temperatures will slightly drop on the weekend.