Tragedy in Ayia Napa: 20 year old tourist collapses in hotel!

A 20-year-old Dutch tourist tragically died yesterday after suddenly falling ill and collapsing at their Ayia Napa-based hotel, Cyprus Police announced this morning.
The deceased was with a 19-year-old companion at the time the incident occurred.
A doctor from a private clinic attempted to repeatedly restore the individual’s senses but was unable to do so, confirming their death at 7:40pm.
According to the police announcement, they received the call at around 8pm that the 20-year-old lost consciousness and fainted before falling to the ground.
An officer, examining the body, said there were no external injuries on the individual, thus excluding the possibility that a crime was committed.
An autopsy is scheduled for Monday at Larnaca General Hospital to confirm exactly how the individual died.
Ayia Napa Police are investigating.
Source: CNA