Transition to the natural gas – legal and regulatory challenges

CYnergy, an EU co-funded project, organized a workshop on the Legal and Regulatory Challenges to be faced during the transition from the conventional fuels to natural gas on 19 October 2018, in Nicosia.

This workshop brought together some fifty CYnergy experts and representatives from government departments and public authorities, positioned to be the promoters of Natural Gas, to share concrete experiences and concerns about the Cyprus transition to natural gas. Presentations underlined that the development of an efficient legal and regulatory framework that will support the penetration of natural gas is a prerequisite.

On this occasion, members of the CYnergy Project discussed the importance of the early engagement and commitment of all relevant government and public authorities in the adjustment of the current Cypriot legal and regulatory framework to the 2020 new reality. They also emphasized their willingness to support the public officials of Cyprus Government to rebuild it.

CYnergy in a few words

CYnergy provides a holistic approach towards the adoption of Natural Gas (NG) in Cyprus and the development of a sustainable and fully functional NG market for providing clean and affordable energy to the end user. The project, which is co-financed by the EU, is a collaboration of energy, transport and finance experts as well as public and governmental institutions of Cyprus and Greece.

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