Boyfriend-for-rent this Chinese New Year!

No need to wait for Valentine’s Day when you can have a “boyfriend” this Chinese New Year.

Twenty-year old Agassi Ching has gone viral on social media after posting an advertisement of himself, ready to date whoever will “rent” him for P600 for the entire Chinese New Year.

On his Facebook post with now more than 10,000 shares as of writing, his bio says he is 5’8” tall, visibly Filipino-Chinese, “guwapo according to (his) parents,” and with abs.

However, he also included a list of things his date should not expect from him, which includes speaking fluent Mandarin, make his eyes bigger, defend his date from flying cockroaches, and defer from taking an angbao, or a Chinese red envelope with money for good luck.

Good news: He is single.

Bad news: It was a prank post.

But the disclaimer on his now viral post did not stop thousands of potential dates from flooding his inbox starting this Wednesday night, when he posted the “ad.”

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Ching said he was overwhelmed by the number of response he got from the “entertaining” post.

“I’ve been getting a lot of responses from various people. It even reached Malaysia, Dubai, different countries,” he shared.

source: ABS CBN