Burger King fans go wild for the chain’s new deep-fried HALLOUMI burgers (pics)

Whether it’s deep-fried or just served plain, halloumi always seems to whip cheese fans into a frenzy.

It’s why Burger King lovers are now going wild for the fast food chain’s new deep-fried Halloumi King burger.

Unfortunately, however, the sandwich of a squeaky halloumi patty between two burger bun halves, mayonnaise, onions, tomato and lettuce is only available in Sweden.

Burger King has launched a new Halloumi King burger but it's only available in Sweden. It comes with a  deep-fried halloumi patty, mayonnaise, onions, tomato and lettuce

It’s prompted dozens of halloumi fans to call for Burger King to launch the burger in the UK too.

The burger uses cheese from Cyprus. The chain has also launched an ‘Extra Looooong’ version in Sweden.

There’s not sign of it appearing on UK menus anytime soon, but there is definitely enough demand for it, with many taking to Twitter to ask the fast food giant to launch it across the water.

Halloumi always seems to excite fans, and it is definitely the ingredient of the summer.

JD Wetherspoon pubs launched £3.10 halloumi fries last week, and customers said they were itching to try them on social media.

They are set to rival Portugese-style restaurant chain Nando’s version, which cost  £3.70 as a starter after launching the trendy side dish in February.

Earlier this summer, Aldi launched its own version of halloumi fries that you can cook at home for £1.99 a bag.

The supermarket said that ‘foodie dreams are about to come true’ when it announced the launch before admitting inspiration had come from a well-known chain restaurant.

source: Daily Mail