Girl Gets Rejected For Job Via Text With A Crying Laughing Emoji

Everyone has a pretty bad interview story – if they’ve fluffed a question, or accidentally realised that they have last night’s underwear coming out of their trouser leg. Or even just an aggressive interviewer – or an overly sexual one, everyone has a story to tell. It’s stressful trying to get a job at the best of times.

But this story takes the biscuit. When Megan Dixon went for an interview at Miller and Carter, a steakhouse in Leceister, she did not expect it to end like this.

She had a normal enough interview with assistant manager Shantell Wesson who said she would email in a few days, leaving Megan to think that anything weird or bad hadn’t happened.

 But as soon as she left the building, she got a text from Shantell.

It said “it’s a no”. Pretty brutal, huh? But it gets worse. Megan decided to ask why and the reply told her she wasn’t engaging enough and that her answers were “‘like’ basic”.

Plus there was a crying laughing emoji. The ultimate rejection. A serious thing, followed up with someone implying they’re crying with laughter.

That’s so rude and unprofessional.

Turns out, Megan was just as unimpressed by Shantell. She told The Mirror: “Her phone was going off throughout the interview. I was shocked. The least she should have given me was some proper feedback. It was a really bitchy thing to do.”

Miller and Carter said: “We can’t apologise enough to Megan.

“It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate.”

A classic case of texting the wrong person – it happens all the time but you have to be careful in a work situation. Shantell clearly thought she was texting her manager and not Megan. Even so, that’s a mean way to talk about potential employees.

You’re probably better off not working there anyway, Megan.

source: theladbible