Danish family books AirBnb house which turns out to be brothel

A Danish family who booked an AirBnb flat for a birthday weekend in Germany were shocked when they arrived to find that it was located in a brothel and decorated with sex toys and nude posters.

Anna Vigsø, 25, and her two siblings had planned the November trip to Hamburg to celebrate their mother’s 50th, but the family holiday was off to an awkward start.

Upon arrival, they were guided to their rented flat through a brothel by a prostitute, who led them into a bedroom stashed with whips and porn films.

‘When we stepped out of the taxi we were greeted by a prostitute, who said “Are you really going to stay here? Nice!” and then she showed us the door,’ Ms Vigsø, a musician who raps under her last name, told BT.dk.

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