Hilarious video: Moment a dolphin gets TOO friendly with a tourist!

A HILARIOUS video circulating online appears to show the moment a frisky dolphin gets a little too friendly with a tourist.

Apparently in Cuba, the video was shot on February 3, according to the description on the YouTube upload.

The short eight second video begins with a dark-haired holidaymaker on a pontoon interacting with a pair of dolphins.

While one swims away the other leaps up, and thrashes around in the woman’s arm, forcing her backwards on the pontoon.

As the woman howls with laughter, the dolphin makes repeated humping motions.

The dolphin opens it mouth and emits a piercing call as the woman continues to hold it back.


The description below the video, apparently from the woman herself, reads: “I was trying to touch and hug one of the dolphins and it started to get a little too friendly.”

“He started to make noises as I laughed because I didn’t know what to do.

“Security had to come over to get him off me.”

The dolphin may be a repeat offender, with a similar video – also filmed in Cuba – showing an adult dolphin of the same size rutting against another lady on a pontoon.

According to the Washington City Paper, it is not “mechanically impossible” for a dolphin to rape a human, but it is unlikely they would try.

As evidence of possible past close calls, the website points to another YouTube video showing a dolphin with an unmistakably erect penis trying persistently to nose into the crotch of a female snorkeler while another diver tries to fend the critter off.

In 2002 authorities reportedly warned swimmers in Weymouth Harbor, England, about one dolphin, saying: “This dolphin does get very sexually aggressive… He has already attempted to mate with some divers.”

In another instance a mayor in France ordered the closure of a beach due to a aggressively rutting bottlenose dolphins, the BBC reported.

A man named Malcolm Brenner even wrote a book titled Wet Goddess: Recollection of a dolphin lover’ about his nine-month relationship with a captive dolphin called Ruby – which got five stars on Amazon.

source: The Sun