Man beats girlfriend on live TV in Russian reality show (video)

A Russian reality star launched a violent jealous attack on his girlfriend after she admitted a man ‘hugged’ her on a Russian reality show.

Andrey Shabarin, 34, attacked his girlfriend Rozalia Raison, 21, during the popular Russian show ‘Dom 2’ – meaning House 2.
He can be seen repeatedly beating his 21-year-old lover around the head as another man desperately tried to intervene.
In the show, contestants have to build a home while trying to find a partner in the process. Couples then compete for the house itself.

The clip shows one of the contestants, a shirtless man named Valery Blumennkrants, saying: ‘Did those men touch you?’
Raison, a blonde woman sitting on the couch, replies: ‘Well, they kind of hugged me.’
The blonde’s confession apparently throws Shabarin, who is dressed in a white T-shirt, into a jealous rage and he immediately attacks Raison.