Mariah Carey fans have accidentally created a very problematic hashtag

Mariah Carey fans have proven to be a force to be reckoned with in a viral campaign to get the soundtrack to her 2001 album Glitter reevaluated.

The notoriously bad 2001 film of the same name was such a colossal flop that it resulted in the album performing badly in sales, eventually leading to Carey disowning it all together.

Her fans feel that it isn’t that bad and after a viral campaign succeeded in increasing its sales by an incredible 10,000 per cent resulting in it reaching number one in the iTunes charts.

That’s great news for the 48-year-old singer but she might be less pleased to hear about the unfortunate hashtag attached to the campaign.

On paper, #JusticeForGlitter probably sounds OK to a large amount of her fanbase but in the UK, ‘Justice For Glitter’ reads as something much more problematic.


source: Indy100