Eleni Artymata writes history! Cypriot sprinter secures Tokyo Olympics spot!

It will be her fourth Olympic games participation! 

Cypriot sprinter Eleni Artymata has secured her spot at the Tokyo Olympics.

Artymata finished a 400 meters race in a Meeting in Madrid in third place with a time of 51.34 yesterday behind Polina Miller (51.00) and US athlete Jaide Speter (51.18).

She is the first Cypriot field and track athlete to secure her spot in the 2020 Olympic Games.

The Cyprus Olympic Committee congratulated the sprinter on Twitter.

So far apart from Artymata, Olympic silver medalist in sailing (2012) Pavlos Kontides, sailor Marilena Makri and shooters Andri Eleftheriou and Andreas Makris have also secured their spots in the Olympics.