INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Zurich player falls down a hole as he celebrates goal against AEK Larnaca

Though the quality of football may not always be the best, there’s no other way we’d want to be spending our autumn Thursday evenings. Sure, we may never have heard of or be able to spell the names of some of the teams involved, but it still manages to throw up some truly memorable moments.

Just look at what happened in the game between AEK Larnaca and Zürich, for example…

The Swiss side won the game by a single goal, scored from the penalty spot by Benjamin Kololli with just over an hour played. The goal itself, however, wasn’t the highlight, it was what followed immediately after.

Kololli decided to celebrate his goal with the travelling fans, and made his way over to them after tucking his spot kick away. Having leapt over an advertising board, he then cleared another barrier… not realising he was about to drop into a purpose-built channel to stop supporters from making their way on to the pitch.

Although Kololli vanished from view for a few seconds, he later reemerged unscathed from his fall and was unable to see out the remaining half an hour of the game.


source: JOE