Married Premier League star ‘bedded woman behind wife’s back and paid £2,000 hush money’

Mila Bonnet, 34, claims she romped with the top flight footballer while he was on a night out in Europe, reports The Sun on Sunday.

She said the player fibbed, claiming he was single, and then fobbed her off by giving her the wrong phone number.

The footie star has a wife and family, and it was only after Mila tracked him down Instagram she found out.

She claims her and Prem ace had “great sex” twice in one night – but was horrified when she found out he was married.

Mila has now broken her silence despite accepting the £2,000 hush money to keep quiet.


Mila said: “His wife deserves to know the truth. The public need to know too. He is a fraud.

“He’s full of sh*t. Karma is going to get him.”

She revealed the couple met when she was on the last leg of a summer holiday with two pals.

The Prem star began flirting with her at a nightclub, and one thing lead to another.

Football pitch

Mila, a sales and marketing manager from Quebec, Canada, claims she didn’t recognise him as she doesn’t “know about soccer”.

She said: “He and his friend were looking my way, totally checking me out.

“I was attracted to the footballer, but I don’t know about soccer.

“I think that’s what he thought was great for him — I’d no idea who he was.”

Mila Bonnet

The couple were then “all over each other” and she asked if he was single, to which he replied “yes”.

She went back to his hotel room and there at around 3am they started having sex.

Mila said: “He undressed me and took off my clothes. Then he took all his clothes off and we got right to it.

“Sex with him was great. It las­t­ed quite a while. It happened twice. He was very confident and knows what he’s doing.”


The footballer then took-off sharpish the morning after, with Mila saying he had “this look on his face” with his phone ring constantly.

He then gave her the wrong phone number and bolted – and it wasn’t until she researched him online she discovered he has a family.

Mila branded him “disgusting” and added: “I was so angry. How can you disresp­ect your wife like that?”

She claims she was then contacted by the star’s pal, who offered her £2,000 to kept quiet – which she accepted, only to now break her silence.

source: Daily Star