Pitch Invader Scores Last Minute Equaliser In Honduran League Game

We’re massive fans of weird winning goals. Whether it’s embarrassing own goals, monumental goalkeeping catastrophes or beach balls getting in on the act, there’s a certain gallows humour that accompanies farcical goals and an eager topless fan in Honduras has now decided to get in on the act, to devastating effect.

Every fan has at some point felt they could do a better job than the useless shower they’ve paid to ruin their Saturday afternoon watching but very few of us actually take matters into our own hands in the manner one Olimpia fan did during a recent Honduran Liga Nacional game against Montagua.

With the game reaching it’s final moments, Montagua were defending resolutely against an Olimpia team desperately seeking an equaliser.

Olimpia’s Roger Rojas found himself in space on the edge of the penalty area and unleashed a fantastic strike into the roof of the net. However, while that may not sound controversial in the slightest, the fact that a topless pitch invader had surged into the box at the same time with his own ball and rolled that past a distracted goalkeeper undoubtedly confused Montagua’s defence enough to allow a goal to be scored.

Skip ahead to the 1.50 mark to witness the drama unfold:


How none of the match officials or stewards in the stands noticed the man making his way onto the pitch in the first place is incredibly suspect, let alone not noticing him sticking the ball into the back of the net just a fraction of a second after Rojas had levelled arrears in the 93rd minute.

There is no word yet on whether the goal will be overturned and victory awarded to Montagua or even if the game will be replayed entirely or just left to stand as it is.

The result currently leaves Olimpia in third place, two points ahead of fifth place Montagua after five rounds of the Honduran league season. How big could the ramifications of this ‘goal’ be come the end of the season, though?

source: thesportbible