Wife of tragic Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev reveals their son saw him on his hospital death bed and is now traumatised

The widow of tragic boxer Maxim ‘Mad Max’ Dadashev has told how their three year old son is traumatised after seeing his father on his death bed in hospital ‘to say goodbye’.

Elizaveta Apushkina, 28, revealed that their son Daniel, who was two at the time, held his father’s hand and pleaded: ‘Dad, open your eyes, please. I’ve come to see you.

‘Wake up, daddy. Please get up.’

The fighter, 28, is feared to have suffered a fatal stroke in the ring as he was pummelled with punches.

Dadashev collapsed soon after the bout in America and during an emergency operation the right side of his skull was removed to ease pressure from brain swelling in a last-ditch but futile attempt to save him.