Newlywed nurse melts the hearts of millions after saving four people trapped in burning cars on her honeymoon

A nurse has been hailed as a hero after dashing into fire to save lives from a horrific crash during her honeymoon tour.

Zhou Wei, 26, was travelling with her husband on a motorway in west China last month when they saw two cars crashing into each other before turning into balls of flames, according to Chinese media.

It is said Ms Zhou and the other passersby dashed into the burning cars to save four trapped passengers before the newlywed – the only medical worker at the scene – carried out emergency treatment on them.

Ms Zhou said she decided to do so because saving people was her job as well as responsibility, reported local Xiaoxiang Morning Post.

Ms Zhou is a nurse from the Shimen County Red Cross Hospital in Changde in south China’s Hunan Province.

According to Xiaoxiang Morning Post’s report, Zhou and her husband were travelling on a coach bound for Xining in west China’s Qinghai Province on August 30 when one car crashed into another in front of their coach.

The coach driver quickly parked the bus and arranged all passengers, including Ms Zhou and her husband, to get off the vehicle.

But Ms Zhou and a few other coach passengers chose to ran towards the scene of the accident in an attempt to rescue people.

A total of eight passenger were stuck in the burning cars and Ms Zhou’s group freed four of them.

They brought the four people to the side of the road about 20 metres (65 feet) from the crash site. Then Ms Zhou then gave them emergency treatment one by one – two of them had bone fractures, one of them a suspected brain haemorrhage and the fourth minor injuries.

Just when Ms Zhou was treating the victims, an explosion occurred in the two wrecked and ablaze cars.

All of the injured people were picked up by a passing ambulance about 20 minutes after the accident.

Xiaoxiang Morning Post said one victim died at the scene.

Ms Zhou is a nurse from the Shimen County Red Cross Hospital in Changde, Hunan Province

Ms Zhou is a nurse from the Shimen County Red Cross Hospital in Changde, Hunan Province

Ms Zhou’s husband recorded the aftermaths of the traffic accident before uploading footage onto social media site with words to praise his ‘brave’ and ‘beautiful’ wife.

The post quickly went viral and the public called Ms Zhou a hero.

Many people were impressed by Ms Zhou’s courage and kindness as one commented ‘she has a beautiful face and an even more beautiful heart’.

While others sent their wishes to Ms Zhou and her husband, such as one user who wrote ‘I wish they have a happy and prosperous marriage life’.


source: Daily Mail