Chilling ISIS video shows 11-year-old boy with knife threatening to cut off heads (video)

A chilling ISIS video has emerged showing an 11-year-old boy threatening to cut off his enemies’ heads before he and his brother rammed a car into cops in Chechnya.

Mukhamad-Amin Akhmatkhanov brandished a knife as he said he had been created ‘in order to lift up high the banner of Allah…with the help of blood.’

The child, and his 17-year-old brother Elakh were shot dead by police a short time later having rammed a Mercedes into police in the capital Grozny.

Dramatic CCTV footage shows an explosion as the car, driven by Elakh Akhmatkhanov raced towards a busy intersection. It then sped around a corner -hitting and killing a policeman – and crashed into a police vehicle injuring three others including a woman.

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