Fox killed as animal lovers demand closure of ‘accidental death’ loophole

Another fox has been killed during a hunt which animal rights protesters claim makes a mockery of legislation banning the blood sport.

The fox was just 12 inches away from escaping down a hole before he was ripped apart by hounds from The Cheshire Hunt in Hunterston, Cheshire, on Tuesday. Under the 2004 Hunting Act chasing foxes with hounds is banned but ‘trail hunting’ (when hounds follow a laid down scent) is allowed.

However, the dogs often pick up the scent of a live fox and kill it ‘accidentally’. Hunt saboteurs Cheshire Against Blood Sports are determined to publicise the amount of ‘accidental kills’, so videoed themselves disposing of the disemboweled fox.

A CABS spokesman told ‘It’s hard to say how many they have killed this season, we know that they kill many many more foxes than the bodies we are able retrieve. ‘We just can’t always get to the bodies as the hunt themselves usually remove them or they forcibly block us getting to them. ‘If you take 2019 alone, we, along with the Cheshire Hunt Sabs have retrieved bodies from Huxley, Darnall and Burleydam and all the foxes were brutally disembowelled. The little fox on Tuesday was removed from the jaws of a hound.’

He added: ”How many accidents can they get away with claiming? The huntsman has no control of the pack of hounds and for the safety of the foxes and other wildlife, they clearly should be confined to kennels until the total incompetence of everybody connected with the Cheshire Hunt is fully addressed.’ He added: ‘Foxes are being hunted and killed all over the country and this needs to be challenged by every single one of us, all of us. Everybody needs to write to their MP’s and demand that the Hunting Act is strengthened to such a degree that the murder and persecution of our foxes is stopped.’ ‘This loophole excuse of accidental kills is closed down, along with many other loopholes.’

There is one month left of the hunting season and CABS have promised to continue to try and disrupt hunts and post videos on their Facebook page. The spokesman added: ‘This young fox had his spine snapped as he was being ragged from both ends by the hounds, he was disembowelled, a large portion of his intestines and liver were still at the kill site. ‘This young fox was just a foot away from going inside a hole to safety, twelve inches between his life and his death.’

source: METRO UK